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Push Key and Warded Pancake Padlocks List

In 1959 Frank Miller published the first Pancake list containing only 29 padlocks. Then in 1978 Russell K. Soderquist carried the torch expanding on Frank’s vision. 2008 - 2016 the pancake list was built upon and maintained by David J. Heuermann, with special thanks to contributions by; Richard Bruno, Carl King, Jon Kolozvary, Mike Pitman, Bill Ryan, Don Stewart, Paul Vaverchak, and the multitude of collectors who contributed in making this Pancake list a success.

In order to make this Pancake list more complete your help is needed!
Please send additions/corrections/comments to: Michael T. Pitman. Please send pictures/scans of the obverse and reverse of the lock, and height/width/depth measurements.

You will need a copy of WinZip (Free) or 7-Zip (Free) or an equivalent to unzip the downloads. You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader (Free) to open these files.

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